Beaded Necklaces

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Beaded  By Grace

Custom Jewelry & Wearable Art

Amethyst Gunmetal & Crystal Bracelet   Item #B303

Crystals & Cabochons Woven Bracelet   Item #B501

Rose Gold Crystal Bracelet

Item #B102

Gunmetal Graphic Bracelet

Item #B302

Mod Mother of Pearl Bracelet   Item #B103

Patriotic Crystal Tennis Bracelet   Item #B320

Metallic Gold Crystal Bracelet   Item #B342

Yellow-Green-Blue Cateye    Item #B200

Pearls & Crystals Bracelet   Item #B361

Rainbow Bump Bracelet Item #B301

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Magnesite & Chain Bracelet

Item #B202

Red Velvet Woven Crystals   Item #B341

Blue Denim Crystal Bangle   Item #B403

Baby Birthstone Bracelet

Item #B101

Crystals & Pearls Woven Bracelets   Item #B201

Gunmetal & Pink Bangle

Item #B400 

Red Velvet Crystal Bangle

Item #B402

Loom-woven Large Bangle

Item #B500

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